Student Views
  Cradle coaching has very talented faculty who are always ready to help children. Coaching is outstanding and has its own respect among children and guardian
Shivank Srivastava Class 9

  I am proud that I am studying in the best coaching in Rajajipuram.
Shivang Gupta Class 9

  My performance has increased since I have joined Cradle.
Mohd. Rehan, Class 10

  My performance has increased greatly because each chapter is taught very properly by the teachers and revision is done regularly.
Harshit Sahai Class 10

  I feel grateful that I got admitted in Cradle Educations Pt. Ltd.
Prakhar Malviya Class 10

  THE teachers give time to every child in their studies and serve the better education

  The teachers have great knowledge of their subject. The teachers give time to each and every child.
Animesh Srivastava Class 10

  The teachers give impressive emphasis on the studies and improvement of each and every student
Shrishti Mishra Class 10

  The coaching is beyond imagination. It has many good points that could not be denied and has perfect combination of teachers and education
Rashi Class 10

  According to me, Cradle Educations is a Ideal Coaching. Here faculty is of top-class who explain topics in such a way that all doubts are clarified.
Ujjwal Tripathi CLS 11

  Cradle Educations is an ideal coaching because its faculty members help us in each and every step. Every student is important for them

  Cradle Educations is a very impressive coaching. The teachers here are very dedicated towards students and that’s why I like my coaching very much.
Mohd. Zaheer Clas 10

  15. In our Coaching numerical problems are solved in such a manner that all the concepts are clarified and along with this competition level problems are also solved properly. Teachers here move with the course with good pace. Each and every student is taken into account and personal attention is also paid
Aiashwarya, Class 12

  Cradle provided me a platform to improve my learning skills. I am greatly thankfull to all our teachers and staff members of cradle Educations
Supriya, Class 11